Hot Off The Press: Road Holland Gets Noticed

November 14, 2013


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Growing up, my grandmother used to say that no one would toot your horn for you except you. While I believe she was right, Road Holland has never been about the intense desire for publicity. We’ve preferred to keep our heads down, focus on the product, provide great service, and have faith that good karma would eventually flow our way.

Well the karma has landed over the past couple of weeks and maybe now it’s time to toot our horn a bit:

- On November 4th, The Miami Herald’s Business Monday section featured Road Holland. The writer did a yeoman-like job of telling our story. However, we were happy to see that he not only wrote about us, but also the hard working seamstresses at our factory. If you look at one of the pictures in the article, you’ll see the face of someone who has probably sewn your sleeves and collar onto your jersey.

- On Thursday of the same week, Looks Good from the Back reviewed our long sleeve Harlingen jersey. We always knew this was an outstanding jersey, but Adrien said it better than we ever could. A review like hers is especially rewarding because she writes about all types of clothing for women. It’s good to see we’re making inroads outside of the cycling world.

- On Monday the 11th, our Nantucket Red Aalsmeer jersey appeared in the Huffington Post / Off Metro NY’s USA made cycling gift guide. We were among a handful of cycling companies that still make their wares stateside. The article reminded me about our initial issues with Chinese manufacturing and how we’re lucky to be home.

- One day later on the 12th, the crew at Bike Rumor wrote about our new Noorrdwijk vest. It, along with its sister The Kinderdijk, is our first foray into outerwear. Bike Rumor doesn’t cover rinky-dink products - we’re glad we hit the proverbial home run with our first at bat.

Of course all this press helps us sell more gear.  We love that. But we’re most happy to just get the word out that it’s possible to look better on a bike - no matter who you are and how you ride.

- Jonathan

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