Our Dads, we'd never have gotten on a bike without them.

June 09, 2016


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Our dads, Eddie and Gerald pictured above, aren't big riders but without them, we'd never have gotten on a bike to begin with. After all, they were the ones running along side of us when we finally ditched the training wheels. They were the ones who picked us up, dusted us off, and told us to try it again. And they were the ones we proudly sent some of our first jerseys to when we started Road Holland.

In honor of the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, we’d like to hear some of your favorite cycling adventures with your dad! It can be a quick couple of sentences or a tome of epic proportions, we’ll read them all and pick one to share with everyone next weekend. If we pick your story, we'll send your dad one of our classic merino Den Haag cycling polos as a gift from you!

Send your stories to cyclingshorts@roadholland.com by Tuesday June 14th for a chance to win.

This one’s for you dad!

Jonathan and Richard

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