The Ladies of Road Holland

May 06, 2014

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As you have come to know Road Holland, one thing we know you love about us is that we make our stylish cycling jerseys here in Florida. Given that this Sunday is Mother's Day, we thought you would enjoy meeting several of the Moms that work with us. We love these ladies - they truly are a part of something special we have going on here and this video gives you a glimpse of what "Made in America" really means.

No three words seem to give us more hope these days than Made in America. But it’s easy to forget that Made in America is more than just a feel-good slogan. It’s more than a union battle cry or some politician’s rhetoric.

Made in America is ultimately about people. It’s about relationships. It’s about taking pride in our work because whatever we make, we know who we’re making it for.

We might not have the same lives, live in the same zip codes, or even natively speak the same language. But we share so much. What we make has an impact on you and what you buy has an impact on us.

We’re all in this together. That’s what Made in America really means.

So sit back and watch our short video...

1 Response

Mark Seaner
Mark Seaner

May 09, 2016

Great Video! Glad to know who and how your products are made and especially that it is in the USA. I will be ordering one soon and spreading the word to my biking friends. Glad to support those employed by Companies still making products in the USA.

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