Hilarious: What Do You Think About The Tour De France?

July 09, 2014


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July is our favorite month here at Road Holland because of...The Tour!  Yes, we're currently glued to our television sets while watching 21 stages of epic drama play out throughout France.
We can't imagine anyone would not feel this same level of excitement so we decided to see what others in our city think about this year's edition of The Tour.
The results somewhat surprised us.

2 Responses

Lorenzo Baskerville
Lorenzo Baskerville

July 08, 2016

Not too surprising that the Tour de France IQ in the US is so low. When I rode my bike in Europe is when I felt that I was in heaven with the cycling community. Cars actually would give you the right of way on the road! Cycling events were on TV every day! It is Baseball, Football, and Basketball for the US and that is how it is! Today cycling in the US does not command that much of a market! There is hope! But very sad indeed!

Charlie Reed
Charlie Reed

July 08, 2016

Thankfully these people are too stupid to watch the tour and leave it to us more intellectual cyclists. Viva Le Tour.

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