What’s with the funny names?

September 25, 2014

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Den Haag - Men's Collared Merino Blend Jersey


We get a lot of questions about the names of our jerseys - what are they, what do they mean, and how do I pronounce them? The answer - they are all names of towns in the Netherlands and there is a reason why we picked each one.

Take Den Haag. Many of you know it as The Hague which is the seat of the “world court.” Now, you wouldn’t show up to court without a collar so we thought our design was apropos. The button up-collar, a couple of stripes, and some nifty-cool back pockets make this the cycling equivalent of the legal “power tie.”

So button one up, and marvel at how good you’ll look and how great you’ll feel.

1 Response


September 26, 2014

Your blog is great. I love biking. And I love that you share. I just received my first order from you. An amazing jacket that was on sale. (61% polyester/39% wool.) I am in love with it. Feels like candy for the skin. Thank you….

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