What Happened In 2014?

December 24, 2014

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We know you’re busy getting ready for the holiday and we hope it is a great one! (Selfishly, we sure hope some of our gear is already nestled below your Christmas trees!) However, before everyone goes off the grid, we wanted to give you a quick year in review.

One word best sums up 2014, our fourth year in business – YOU.

2014 was meeting and getting to know better so many members of our peloton . Whether it was seeing you at NAHBS in March, riding along with you during Bike Virginia in June, or eating dinner with you at the Philly Bike Expo in November, we enjoyed some quality time.   Shai, Rod, Walt, Padraig, Mary Elizabeth, Ken, Sherry, Chris, Debra, Piotr, Eleanor, Frank, Brett, Kim, and many others – you know who you are!

Some of you we just got to know very well via email but we feel like you are bona fide members of our crew now too. We loved looking at every single one of the pics you sent in from around the world. On our blog, we also launched our “Meet The Rider” series and want to continue it in 2015. Up until now, we’ve been asking for submissions but we’re always welcome to take them unsolicited – do not be shy.

We also conducted our first large scale survey of our customers. While we can’t divulge the results (We have to keep some trade secrets now don't we?), suffice it to say that we know a lot more now about who we are designing for. We’ve always known who we are and what we want Road Holland to be about.   However, sometimes you just have to hear it from fans to make sure you stay on course.

2014 also marked a number of business changes for us. First, in June, we lifted the burden of fulfillment of all of your orders from Randee, Jonathan’s wife, and engaged a warehouse company to do the work. We’re sure happier about it and so is Randee.  Here's a shot of the moving truck containing all of our inventory - that was a tiring day.

We engaged a new factory in Morganton, North Carolina to begin sewing jerseys for us. Along with continuing our production in Miami, NC should allow us to get gear out to the market much quicker than before. The Valkenburg is the first jersey to come from NC but look for more.

Color was also a big story. The re-introduction of Carolina Blue in our lightweight summer jerseys and the introduction of Celeste. For our mid-weight gear, Devil Red, Forest Green, Slate Blue, and Silver Grey are all new in the line-up.

Lest we not give them short shrift, we should mention shorts 2.0. We know we had a slight style slip with shorts 1.0 but sales suggest we nailed them the second go round.

For 2015, we will be back at NABHS in Louisville in March. We’ll also do a big ride somewhere but have yet to finalize it. And if schedules work out, we’ll surely be back in Philly.

We have more full-zip short sleeve Merino-poly jerseys on the way as well as women’s sleeveless jerseys (sorry men – sleeveless is not happening for you!).

But what we’re most looking forward to is continuing to meet and work with more of you.

Thanks for a spectacular 2014.  And to all a good night.

- Jonathan and Richard

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Deena Hamer
Deena Hamer

December 29, 2014

Do you list non profit bike events anywhere on your site?
The Decatur County Family YMCA’s Tree City Rolling Tour is set for August 29, 2015. www.treecityrollingtour.org

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