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May 19, 2015


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Let’s face it… we’ve all been there. Maybe it was that shop team kit that you bought when you got your first real bike. Or perhaps it was that on-clearance jersey with the cereal box characters. We understand that you’ve made some pretty horrendous choices in the past when it comes to your cycling gear. We have too. After all, it takes the dark to be able to see the light.

But we want to help and celebrate how you can move on to better rides ahead.

For the past two weeks, We asked readers to email us a photo of their worst cycling garb ever. It could be a terribly mismatched kit, some poor fitting gear, a ridiculously loud jersey, or anything similar.

For our amusement and yours, we are posting what we consider among the TOP entries! Now it is your turn to help us choose who will win a Free $250 Makeover from Road Holland?

SCROLL DOWN TO VOTE below for your favorite and ask your friends to do the same! Winner will be announced on June 3, 2015.

^The Great Pumpkin^

^Spray Tan^

^Seeing Red^

^Preppy Cross^

^Polkadots but No Moonbeams^

^Mismatched in RVA^

^Keep Away From My Kids^

^Ice Ice Baby^



^Breaking Away Tribute^

^Blurry Vision^

^Behind the 8 Ball^

^All Business^



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