Suffering the Never-Ending Barrage of Sartorial Slings and Arrows

June 18, 2015

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To run a clothing company is to suffer the never-ending barrage of sartorial slings and arrows. Sometimes the slings are mean spirited. “Why don’t you make a jersey in mohair???!! Everyone knows it has better thermal properties than anything else…You guys will never last!”

Most of the time, however, the arrows are emblematic of the “good guys” that are our customers. They’re giving constructive feedback and desires to this still young clothing company.

Many such arrows pointed our way regard the opinions of the color “Celeste” or Italian Sky Blue. Over the years, it has danced among blue and green influences just like Bill Evans (an allusion to my favorite jazz piano player for the non jazz people out there).

Bianchi, the company most synonymous with Celeste, currently employs a very bluish Celeste. But not too long ago, the scales tipped to more green influences.

To make something in Celeste is to take a stand. We have taken one. Our Celeste is a pleasing compromise between the aqua marine blues and overly cool whitish looking greens - the part of the air closer to foamy sea than to the azure blue Italian sky.

It's devilishly sharp against black bottoms. And it looks good on men and women. Can we say “tandem” anyone?

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Rod Bruckdorfer
Rod Bruckdorfer

March 17, 2016

Bicycle Quarterly, no. 55, has an article about “celeste”. Well done Road Holland.

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