Meet Jim - Our 2015 Cycling Makeover Winner

July 02, 2015


Meet The Cyclist Series  

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We’ve seen a lot of strange submissions to our makeover contest over the years but none as strange as the ones Jim Levi sent in. We’ve posted them below and you can judge for yourself. But, apparently everyone feels similar because Jim is the winner of the 2015 contest.

As is customary, we talked with Jim about the victory and he gave us the backstory on his cycling career and the pictures.

Jim hails from Downingtown, Pennsylvania which is about 30 miles west of Philadelphia. He’s 27 and now into his fourth year of riding after having taken up the sport to lose some weight. 70lbs lighter, Jim needs some new clothes and we’re happy to help out.

He’s also a renaissance man - bass trombone player. Wedding DJ. Past member of the Philadelphia Wind Symphony.

So what’s with the crazy camo outfit? It relates to a race Jim puts on with his buddies. It’s called the Downhill Mini Masters and it occurs at Harmony Hill Nature preserve. The event’s name provides some strong clues to its nature. Steep downhill. Kids bikes. The masters part? Older people ride the bikes and try to master the art of not seriously injuring themselves.

And the scary outfit? That’s Jim clowning around at a Haunted House frequented by the local children in town.

We asked Jim how he will use his new gear. He plans to wear them on all kinds of rides - from the A+ to the C group. He can’t wait to go to the local coffee shop sporting Road Holland. While there, he grab a cowboy cookie (Google it…) and simply look handsome.

Congrats Jim! And don’t ever wear what you wore in those pictures again.


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