Cobblestones, Monuments and Southern Hospitality - the UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, Virginia.

September 29, 2015


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Richmonders have traditionally been a modest bunch. We know we live in one of the world’s best cities but we don’t go around tooting our own horns too much. That’s just not the southern genteel way of doing things.

Yet, right now, we’re feeling pretty proud of our hometown as the UCI Road World Championships came to Richmond, Virginia last week. Kudos to the organizers who pulled off the incredible task of plotting out a race course that was both challenging for the participants and also extremely fun for the spectators. Crowds steadily grew throughout the week culminating in ear deafening roars all along the course during Sunday’s marquis men’s elite race.

The Road Holland crew took to the course on our mountain bikes to ensure we experienced all vantage points. There was a lot to see but we’ll never forget the crowds that flocked to Libby Hill.

(Nick Davis Photography)

As locals, each night we were out and about greeting the world. Our cycling community rolled out the red carpet organizing local rides, bar crawls, and southern hospitality for all who wished to participate.

For those not fortunate to make it to town, following #RICHMOND2015 certainly must have given them a longing to be here. If you’re one of those fans, come visit soon. And bring your bikes.

- Richard

UCI Road World Championships 2015 Aerial DP’s Cut
Richard MacDonald / New Media Systems, Inc.

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