A Team Effort

October 03, 2010


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Most non-cyclists do not understand that competitive cycling is a team sport. Road Holland is not about competitive cycling but the process of getting this brand from idea to reality was a team effort as well. From great referral sources (Jen, Howard) to beta testers (Matt, Julie, Nancy) to people who helped spread the word (Richard, Bradley, Phil) I could not have done this alone.

Some of the other key team players helped us with a recent photo shoot. A lot of cycling brands get blasted for using models in their shoots rather than real cyclists. We're not at the stage where we can use models – nor do we want to – but we can't help having rider friends who look like models. Amy, Amanda, and Larry are some of the fittest people we know. They can ride and do any other sport they want to with excellence.

Our resident photographer John Chuter (www.johnchuterphotography.com) managed to corral them long enough to pull off some great shots. John spends a lot time photographing kids so this was a welcome change of pace for him. Or at least he thought it would be. In this video, we can't help but notice a look of exasperation on his face as he tries to get his "models" to listen.



Road Holland Photo Shoot - September 2010 from Road Holland on Vimeo.


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