Some Crossmas Inspiration

December 23, 2010


Meet The Cyclist Series  

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Internally, we've always said Road Holland is "about the ride not the race." Most of us who ride do not race, have never raced, and will not race.

So when a group of middle-aged men (and we mean that with no disrespect because we're middle aged ourselves!) approached us about sponsoring a cyclocross team, we were a bit hesitant. It seemed to go against the very reason we started the company.

But then we thought about it some more, talked to them some more, and realized these guys are exactly the reason why we started our company.

Ed McKee, Austin "Tim" Temple, Chris Verwoerdt, and Kent Nastasi are all husbands and fathers who hail from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They all have successful careers – 2 financiers, 1 dentist, and a doctor. Between work and family, they have little time to spare. But with that precious time, they are participating in this season's North Carolina Cyclocross Series in the 45+ Masters Division.

Participating in the series is no picnic. There is no team bus to take them to and from the races which are dotted across the state. It's early morning drives and caffeine fueled turns at the wheel back home. There's no media coverage and no spectators except for diehard fans and family.

But it's pure fun. And as Tim likes to say, "a great excuse to have a beer after the race with friends." Or as Chris eloquently puts it, "there's nothing like the weekly humiliation of cyclocross racing to punish one's self for sins committed since the last ride."

We salute you Team Road Holland. And win, lose, or draw, you're now going to look better than any team out there.

This past weekend we had a chance to see them in action in a cyclo cross race in Winston-Salem, NC. Wow - these guys know how to ride. And they're a fun bunch as well.

We made this short film to help you get to know them. Merry Crossmas!


Meet The Road Holland Cyclocross Team from Road Holland on Vimeo.


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