This Ain't Grandma's Wool

January 28, 2011


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Just saying "wool" creates phantom itches among many. And rightfully so. If you have a few years on you, wool that actually feels good next to your skin is a relatively new occurrence. After all, we grew up on scratchy wool turtlenecks and have visions of bike racers with long sideburns sweating up the Alps in their ill-fitting kits.

So when we chose a wool-oriented material for our initial product line, many people thought we were crazy. But we knew better.

Many companies make all wool gear but we find a lot of it too heavy for our cycling pursuits. Therefore, we settled upon a wool and polyester blend (39% / 61% respectively to be exact). Adding polyester to the mix gives the material a soft "hand" and performance capabilities that wool alone cannot match.

Although you can't tell from looking at it because the material is so thin, the inside of the jersey is wool and the outside is poly. "Plating" the fabric gives the wearer the best of both worlds – warmth or cooling properties next to the skin with superior wicking ability next to the open air.

The wool we use is also different. For starters, it is Australian Merino with a micron count of 19.5. The smaller the count, the softer and silkier it is. Amazingly, that softness also comes with standout durability. Even after much abuse, the material retains its soft hand, brilliant color, and "new" like look.

Try it. You'll like it. No. You'll love it.

Jonathan Schneider

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