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April 12, 2011


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If you have ordered one of our jerseys, you'll see a small tag in the neck that says "Made In China." Those 3 words sure do turn a lot of people off these days. For many, the phrase is short hand for "cheaply made goods using low wage labor." With some products, I'm sure there is an element of truth to that. However, for us, nothing could have been further from it.

As a small company, producing in China was more expensive for us. We're not a Nike or Under Armour and don't get the kind of discounts one does when producing 10,000 units at a clip. We paid up-charges for smaller production runs, extra transportation costs, and additional duties.

So why did we do it? Because the quality was excellent. We make performance gear and our customers hold our products to a very high standard. When climbing a mountain or making a fast descent, our customers really don't care where their jerseys were made. They want them to perform.

We couldn't find the level of quality we needed stateside when producing our first run. Maybe we were not looking in the right places. However, factories that could sew stretch fabric and the kind of pocket and subtle details we have in place were not available on every street corner.

And while we made a decision to work in China, we kept looking for domestic production capacity in the meantime. We're happy to announce that we found it and the quality of our garments will be better than ever. The next round of production – available in May and June – will come directly from our facility in Miami, Florida. We're working with some talented people and it's our pleasure to show you some of them in the video that follows.

We're not saying we will never produce in China again. We'll produce where we think it's best in terms of quality and value for a given item. But for now, we'll revel in the glow of American production. Orange and red, white, and blue. That's a good combination.


New Styles Coming Soon from Road Holland on Vimeo.


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