Happy Birthday to Us

August 11, 2011


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August 11th marks the one year anniversary of our first sale (quite fitting in that it was a Royal Orange Utrecht to a Dutch expat named Pim). We like to tell it like it is and we're not sugarcoating things when we say that the year since has been stellar. Some of the highlights include our Winston-Salem based Cyclocross Team, working with Pedal Power, Cycle NC, and our partnership with the Blue Ridge Virginia Chapter of the National MS Society. But the best highlights have been seeing riders in our gear.

The year since has also had its share of challenges. We won't soon forget a box of Milky White Montfoorts that arrived on our doorstep a bit too soggy for sale. And a factory that seemed promising in Pennsylvania which turned out to be an expensive and logistically challenging false start. But, we've since found an incredibly talented team of pattern makers, sample makers, and sewers in Miami. We've not looked back and production is humming along in the good old USA.

Having both come from service-based business where the end product is usually some words on paper or a screen, creating and selling a product has been a study in contrast. It has also been more rewarding than we could have ever imagined.

Year #2 - we're ready. Bring it on. And thank you for all of your support.

Jonathan and Richard

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