Our First Camaraderie Ride

September 20, 2011


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Over the weekend Richard and I participated in the Central Virginia Boys and Girls' Club Challenge. We had a tent where we sold shirts at the event and also fielded a team of about 20 riders.

Nothing about this ride was "epic" though. While there were some hills to put some hurt on your legs, the ride was not competitive, routes were of varying lengths, and riders of varying levels were out there. But the scenery was spectacular - the Shenandoah Valley can't be beat - and the people were the ones we like to hang with the most whether on or off the bike. At the end of the ride, we drank some beer, listened to some music, and dined on delicious Southern Que. It was pure camaraderie.

We make Serious and Stylish Cycling Clothes. But we don't take ourselves too seriously. We know we're being compared to some other brand out there. It doesn't bother us. So let them have their Gentlemen's Rides and E'tapes and we'll take our Camaraderie Ride on this side of the pond.

And besides, we like women.


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