Highlights from the 2011 Philly Bike Expo

November 07, 2011


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The 2011 Philly Bike Expo was simply a blast. If you missed it for reasons of inclement weather or distant geography, never fear, we're bringing you the highlights in six minutes and nine seconds.

Bilenky Cycle Works outdid themselves in assembling a top-shelf assortment of frame builders, artisan clothiers, bag makers, and cycling advocacy groups. Being around such a friendly group of people all weekend long once again reminded us how many great people are involved in cycling.

To all of our customers in the Northeast who braved the cold and snow to come meet us in person, thanks so much! And to all those who took home Road Holland gear, thanks to you as well!


Highlights from the 2011 Philly Bike Expo from Road Holland on Vimeo.


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