A Look Back At The Philly Bike Expo

October 30, 2012


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We're back from the 2012 Philadelphia Bike Expo and just in time. If we had stayed even a couple of hours longer, we might have gotten trapped by Hurricane Sandy.

Once again, Bilenky Cycle Works played the consummate host. Versus last year, the show had a more consumer friendly vibe with a healthy array of budget conscious frame builders, unique bag makers, and thought-provoking advocacy groups.

Exhibitors of particular note included:

--Rothera Cycling. While the expo was home to no less than three cap manufacturers (including one of our favorites, Alloneword), Gary at Rothera showed up with some unique wares. His caps look classic, but they use more modern colors and fabrics which make them unusual. We also think Gary is a pretty fly guy. Anyone who brings his parents to help work the booth gets kudos from us.(rotheracycling.com)

--Swift Industries. These guys make some seriously stylish panniers and bags. The company's web site is impressive but once you see the bags up close, you really get a sense of the quality and craftsmanship.(builtbyswift.com)

--Balance Insurance. We admit it was pretty hard to get excited about insurance when one booth over, there were droolworthy custom steel frames for sale. But Jay Paul at Balance is providing something every cyclist should buy - bicycle accident insurance. His product provides up to $250,000 in supplemental funds in the event of a cycling related injury. The premiums are not much - it's a no brainer. Make sure to sign up on the web site to see if Jay's product is available where you live.(balanceins.com)

--Erra Creations. Nicole Bloch is taking the now common practice of recycling bike detritus to a whole new level. She blends elements such as chain links and cogs into jewelry that you actually want to wear.(erracreations.com)

Standouts among the numerous frame builders included Cysco Cycles, Silent Cycles, and Dornbox, our show-neighbor.

To all those who stopped by to meet us and to all those who purchased from us, thanks!


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