Out of Hibernation and Back on the Bike

May 02, 2013


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Sorry I've been in hibernation, but I'm back and better than ever with lots going on.

I'm back on my bike after my fall. I've got a couple of war wounds but other than that, it's like the accident never happened. By the way, I finally figured out what did actually happen. I slipped on some super slick crosswalk paint. The sun was shining bright that day, so let my accident be a lesson to us all - road markings can be hazardous no matter what the conditions.

Unlike me, Richard was riding all winter long and even tried his hand at the Autodrop Doubleshot. I think his lungs are still recovering from the Hanging Rock ascent. He said it was the longest two mile ride of his life. Adam Steinman, our resident rouleur, plowed through both parts of the course and is looking strong for the organized rides we have planned for the summer.

As for new products, we've got them coming shortly (and if you read that sentence again, you'll see a strong hint about what one of those products might be!). We're sewing like crazy and have new colors on the way as well.

Ok - that's all for now. Stand by for more. Much more.


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