A Fun Ride Down Highway 1, San Francisco to Tijuana

December 23, 2015


Meet The Cyclist Series  

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In August 2015, a couple of our Ambassadors, Owen Wagner and Emily Stein, bicycled Highway 1 from San Francisco, CA to Tijuana, Mexico.

Emily was skeptical when Owen brought only ONE jersey to wear the entire trip. But our Utrecht lived up to the task at hand and performed like a champion.

Now sit back, click play, and join them on their journey.


2 Responses

Tommy Brown
Tommy Brown

April 25, 2016

Wonderful video! I’ll be doing San Fran to San Diego in a few weeks. This video got me very excited for having some fun. Where was that creek with the benches and chairs in the water; around the 1 min mark?


January 06, 2016

Lovely! What an experience! Thanks for sharing.

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