The Modern Gentleman Review: Choice Cycling Threads

July 29, 2015



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"You don’t need me to tell you that Road Holland’s gear looks sharp – just check out the men’s gallery – but pictures won’t tell you how it feels. The Den Haag feels like a bespoke garment. It feels like someone took the time to consider how the chest and arm stripes should be sewn to prevent chafing. There’s even a rubberized grip strip at the bottom on the inside hem to keep the jersey from riding up your back. It feels like someone pondered the pocket placement, embroidery and neck band so that you’d feel as comfortable tipping back a post-ride Starr Hill Stout as you did peddling up some stout hill like a star. And like that sterling craft brewery in Charlottesville, Road Holland is a small company with Virginia roots but integrity and style that reach far beyond the local scene."

Read the entire article here: The Modern Gentleman

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