Ramblings about Jersey Sizing

August 29, 2013


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We're not vain.

It's funny what you learn in the clothing business. 3 years ago, a "grade" meant a letter in school or how much I was likely sucking wind going up a mountain. In my world now, it refers to how much we expand things as we move from size small to medium to large and so on. I thought a marker was a type of felt-tipped pen (preferably the smellable ones…). Now, I hear the word and think about giant rolls of paper that inhabit my office. They're essentially outlines which are placed over the fabric to guide the cutters.

The same goes with sizing. I always knew there was some variability between brands. The small polo shirt from one company might be a bit snug on me while the small from another brand might be just fine.

But I never knew how seriously whacked out the world of cycling clothing was - and still is. From one brand to another, we're not talking about deciding between a small and a medium. We're talking about the choosing between a small and an extra large. What is going on? European brands are notorious for their snugger than normal sizing. Are they that much smaller over there? I don't know. I've been in Europe a lot and language aside, we don't seem that different. I'm not stick thin but I'm not heavy either - I want to know if anyone larger than my 4 year old can actually fit into the size 33" waist "urban" riding pants.

I'll be the first to admit we haven't always gotten our sizing spot on. But throughout this trip, we've been intent on rationalizing and "real worlding" our sizing. If you wear a medium in most clothes, we want you to wear a medium in our gear. If you're a 46" chest, we want you to actually wear something that measures close to 46".

We're not "vanity sizing" either - selling a size large and labeling it a medium to make you feel good about yourself. That's what the bike is for. A small is a small and a XXXL is, well, really big and we love that. 

- Jonathan

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