Veluwezoom Embrocation


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Named for the oldest national park in the Netherlands, our hand-made cycling embrocation encourages you to go outside - in just about any weather.

If you’ve never used embro before, Veluwezoom is just for you. It has a light woodsy scent that, like everything we sell at Road Holland, does not scream cyclist. Your legs will feel it but the rest of your crew won’t be all hot and bothered by an overly pungent scent that makes them gasp for air even before they’ve saddled up.

Veluwezoom Cycling Embro is hand-made in North Carolina by some very good friends of ours. One tin contains approximately 3 oz and with typical application amounts, should last for the duration of a cold weather riding season.  

For a limited time, purchase a combo of our new hand-made Veluwezoom Embrocation and our Dutch Coffeeshop Blend Coffee for only $24. Just select the "Coffee Combo" from the dropdown selection above.

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