The Hilversum (CLEARANCE) - Men's Lightweight Full Zip Jersey

$85.00 $105.00

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The Summer heat is always going to win when you're on the bike.  It's just the way it is and the way it's always going to be - anyone or any company who tells you differently is flat out fibbing.  

But you can give yourself the best chance to fight back with the Hilversum.  It's our incredibly lightweight polyester mesh jersey for the warmest days of riding you can possibly encounter.

Spun specifically for us in Tennessee, the fabric has just enough wicking properties to leave a scant bit of moisture ON your skin to keep you cool - think of it as built-in air conditioning for your jersey. And the fabric is anti-microbial so even if you haven't given your jersey a rinse in a few days, no one will know you're approaching them in the paceline.

The back features not one, but two external pockets. Customers love our exterior zipped pockets for items such as cash and credit cards.  But speaking from experience, we think it's important to carry insurance cards and a driver's license - you hopefully won't need to access them so just zip them in that second pocket and don't worry about them anymore.

The Hilversum is available in XS all the way up to XXXL and comes in Summer White, Royal Orange, Carolina Blue, and Celeste Green.  Made in the USA.

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