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Stitched with pride

Road Holland cycling apparel is proudly crafted in the USA—Miami, Florida to be exact. Shop our online store, then share your adventures and cycling style with us using #RHreroute.

Ride rogue

In 2009, on a scenic stretch of old Netherland road, it began. Avid cyclists and longtime friends, Jonathan Schneider and Richard Grossman, teamed up to start Road Holland.

Paying homage to an internationally celebrated cycling culture, the brand embodies the adventurous spirit of the place and its people. Bringing the Dutch way of life, a tangible passion for momentum, to the world’s cycling community—that’s what we’re all about.

Experience it

And, there’s a lot more to it than winning. Sure, the rush and rewards are thrilling. But, the dust settles, the clock stops. In those quiet moments, when it’s just you and the handlebars, you feel what riding is really about: speeding up, slowing down and letting go. It’s about the momentum of the moment.

What drives you?

So maybe you’re breaking personal records, or just beginning. Perhaps the urban landscape enthralls you, early morning cruises to work, cutting time off your commute. Or, maybe you long to be lost on a lonesome dusty road, thousands of miles from home. Needing only what fits in your pack and the jersey on your back. No matter where you ride, why you ride is what matters most.

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