Is Road Holland from Holland?

No. But we have a strong affinity for the Dutch! It is one of our favorite countries as we appreciate how integrated bicycling is to the Dutch lifestyle.

So where are you based?

Road Holland was founded in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Although it is flat down here (just like Holland!), we get to ride all year round. We also travel quite a bit and ride wherever we go. We are now based out of Richmond, Virginia as well.

Where are your products made?

Beginning in 2011, all of our products are made in the USA in our Miami, Florida workrooms.

Are you in stores?

We primarily sell online. However, our products can be found in a select group of fine retailers listed here.

What else do you make besides jerseys?

In addition to jerseys, Road Holland carries bibs, shorts, T-shirts, embrocation and specialty coffee. If you have any product suggestions, please email us at info@roadholland.com with comments, pictures, etc.

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment. However, we're always interested in a good resume as you never know when the need might arise.

An item is out of stock - when will you get more in?

Our apparel is complex and uses high-grade materials. It takes time to produce and sew. Arrival times can vary from day-to-day and according to the season. Send an email to info@roadholland.comand we'll give you our best estimate.

I'm a retailer and am interested in carrying your products - how can I go about doing that?

For retail inquiries, please contact Richard Grossman via richard@roadholland.com.

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