The Breda - Women's Bib Short


How many times have you seen a kit ruined by a pair of ugly shorts? You know the ones we're talking about - pink flowers all over them, monstrous logos, and less than flattering color schemes.

The Breda bib short solves all that. The design is reminiscent of a classic European racing kit - a small logo and simple stripe. The deep black color all the way around ensures you've got the perfect accompaniment to any color jersey you wish to wear.

Everyone wants to know about the pad when it comes to bibs and we're using the best available. Designed for extreme long distance riding, the pad comes from Italy and features seamless technology for incredible comfort. Special yarns and a perforated design eliminate friction, increase air circulation, and give the pad a permanent anti-bacterial effect.

12 panel construction means the shorts give where they need to and not where they don't. A super strong 80% polyester / 20% spandex blend provides maximum compression to keep muscles at their best. At the end of each leg is a gripper that is just taut enough to provide support but not so much that it will give you the dreaded sausage look.

The Breda short is available in sizes Small, Medium and Large. Made in the good old USA.