Women's: The Breda Bib

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For our first entry into the shorts realm, we've opted for a high-performance bib. The Breda is a high-peforming bib that is made for century rides and more.

Bibs come down to a few things - the pad and the material. We've got both covered.

We call the pad - Goldilocks. It's not too big to make you feel like you're wearing a diaper but not too small to make you feel like you're wearing a band aid. It's made in Italy and features Open Cell technology which means you'll have less compression during the course of long rides.

The material is a high-compression lycra that ends with a moderately loose band that won't make you look like you have sausage legs.

The upper part of the bibs is made of micro mesh. Versus other fabrics, micro mesh adds a drastically thinner layer between your skin and the air. You stay cooler and stronger.

Style wise, a mix of black and charcoal grey spices up the lower part of your body. You need that down there!

Like all Road Holland jerseys, the Breda is made in the USA. No sweatshop labor except for your own when you wear them.